Aleksandr Románovich Lúriya (Médico y Neuropsicólogo Ruso, 1902-1977): "There is no hope of finding the sources of free action in the lofty realms of the mind or in the depths of the brain. The idealist approach of the phenomenologists is as hopeless as the positive approach of the naturalists. To discover the sources of free action it is necessary to go outside the limits of the organism, not into the intimate sphere of the mind, but into the objective forms of social life; it is necessary to seek the sources of human consciousness and freedom in the social history of humanity. To find the soul it is necessary to lose it".

  • Profesor: Edelkraut Lisa Marie
  • Profesor: Edelkraut Lisa Marie
  • Profesor: Maldonado Montero Enrique Francisco
  • Profesor: Pedraza Benítez María del Carmen
  • Profesor: Sampedro Piquero Patricia
  • Profesor: Santin Núñez Luis Javier